Traditional clothes of Kyrgyz people

What is Kyrgyz traditional clothing? This is a common question asked by travelers on the tour with rent a car service. And so just contact our managers to book the tour with Bishkek car rent service, and then traveling around Kyrgyzstan you will learn a lot about traditions, customs and, of course, more about Kyrgyz traditional clothes.

Traditional clothes can of course tell a lot about the people. For example about their lifestyle. Kyrgyz traditional clothes reflects spiritual life, and for about 700 years, it has been and remains unique. Today, when traveling around Kyrgyzstan during the tour with rent a car service, you will hardly meet a person dressed in Kyrgyz traditional clothes, but they can be seen in museums or at holiday events. As it was said earlier, traditional clothes can make it clear the way of life, while among the Kyrgyz it was nomadic. Consequently, Kyrgyz traditional clothes had to be adapted to the nomadic lifestyle so that they feel comfortable at the height among the winds.

Bishkek car rent service for the tour, travelers go to museums, because there you can find the answer to the main question about what Kyrgyz traditional clothes are. In the museum, travelers can see exhibitions of Kyrgyz traditional clothes, where exhibitions of clothing consisting of outerwear and underwear are held. Kyrgyz men wore Jarq Shym, Kandagay, Chalbar trousers and Ichik coat. The coat was made from wolf, fox, and lynx fur. Kyrgyz women wore the same coat. Men's shoes were called Chokoy and Charyk and headdresses were tebetey, kalpak and malakai. Women preferred to wear beldemchi skirts. The hats of young Kyrgyz girls were decorated with bird feathers, with various traditional adornments, pearls and precious stones. And also the girls wore a chiptama jacket.

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