On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will learn that rituals are an important factor and as in any country. On the tour you will be able to explore many beautiful places, enjoy your time and also learn a lot about the country. In turn, our tours will be incredible and beautiful.

Our clients will be able to rent a car for tours around Kyrgyzstan and explore the country's rituals, customs and traditions. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the life of the locals and get to know them. The very history of rituals goes back to ancient times from the period of the Turkic peoples. And since the Kyrgyz had a nomadic lifestyle in the past, their rituals were mostly based on their lifestyle.

Tourists on tours in Kyrgyzstan will be able to enjoy exploring the rituals that are associated with childbirth and rent a car for this. One of the most famous rituals in the country is suyunchu-an event that is brought to people, and then parents are waiting for gifts. After that, there is a korunduk ritual, when money is given to parents for the child's viewing. Beshik toy is a ritual that is based when parents celebrate the birth of a child. Usually a lot of people are invited, delicious food is prepared and people also start burning juniper. On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to explore that tushu kesuu is known for the fact that the child begins to take the first steps. Many guests, relatives, and friends come on this day to see the ritual when the child's feet are tied, and older children go to the distillery to untie their feet.

Wedding is a different kind of tradition that you can explore during your tour of Kyrgyzstan. You will be asked to rent a car with or without a driver. In our tours in Kyrgyzstan, you can also find out that weddings are given great importance, and engagements are also given great importance. A lot of guests come to these celebrations, but it takes a lot of money for the Kyrgyz people. Another traditional ritual is ala kachuu, but it is forbidden. This ritual involves the abduction of the bride, sometimes it may even be an unknown person. And when the bride is kidnapped, she can no longer leave the groom's house. Betrothal or nike is another kind of tradition. This type of ritual is the legalization of marriage in accordance with Muslim traditions. Another type of ritual is kyz uzatuu, when the bride is the center of attention and her friends and relatives accompany her. After that, the wedding itself is celebrated in the restaurant together with the guests. These are the rituals you can explore on a tour of Kyrgyzstan and explore many interesting places. And we offer you to rent a car.


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