According to religious beliefs in Kyrgyzstan, the majority of the population are adherents of the religion of Islam. On the tour, guests will travel with Bishkek rent a car across a country closed by mountains, where more than 75% are Muslims, about 20% are followers of the Russian Orthodox Church and only 5% are supporters of other religions. Most Muslims are Sunnis, dating back to the 8th century, which you will learn about on this tour with car rent. By travel around Kyrgyzstan, you will understand that until the end of the 19th century, this trend of Islam was the leading one in the country. In our Kyrgyzstan, you can even meet shamans. A tour with Bishkek rent a car means travel to a country where Christianity is the second most prevalent religion, which has existed since the 7th century. It should be said that adherents of religion Christianity in Kyrgyzstan are mainly ethnic Russians and Ukrainians.

This will be a tour with Bishkek rent a car in a country where no one is allowed to accept any religion against their will, that is, it speaks of freedom of religion. However, it was not always so, during the Soviet Union it was generally forbidden to have any religion and believe in God. But in our modern world, every resident of Kyrgyzstan has the right to profess any faith. Explore religion and travel in one easy with our car rent tour.