Political situation

When you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will be told that it is better to take cars for rent to get to know about political situation of country, which passed by many suffers due to occupation. There were many conflicts based on nationality and ethnicity.  Kyrgyzstan undergoes a forced resignation of president that happened in April 2010. Later on, the situation changed on better way.  In the course of your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will see the peaceful government that successfully elected a new president. If you rent a car and start to travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will notice a huge growth of tourism. We recommend you to take tour in Kyrgyzstan and not worry about safety. Our company of car rent will organize available tours in Kyrgyzstan, where you will be protected by government.  Nowadays, tours in Kyrgyzstan are famous among travellers.


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