Manas structure in Talas region

Travelers that come to Kyrgyzstan for tours and car rent believe that Kyrgyzstan has several historically significant sites, like the Manas complex. Tash-Aryk may be reached from Talas in 22 kilometers.

Known as "Manas-Ordo," this complex's land area measures around 2.25 square kilometers. The option to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan on a tour is considered as great since the travelers are visiting the complex created in honor of the hero Manas. Kyrgyzstan's gumbez is thought to be its heritage. 

It was built around 1334, according to one account, although other states that it was built for the burial of the daughter of the emir Abuka. Balbals, stone warriors, were stationed on the site to keep an eye on the property's perimeter. Travel to Kyrgyzstan on a tour and take advantage of our car rent service to see the country's most beautiful locations.

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