Lenin Top

We want to tell you today about the beautiful country Kingside, which is very interesting and attracts attention with its mountains and beautiful by landshaftny. And we want to tell you about the famous Lenin peak. Guests of Kyrgyzstan on tours can rent a car and enjoy the beautiful scenery, explore nature and also get acquainted with the incredible peak that reaches a height of 7134 m.

Our clients will be able to enjoy tours in Kyrgyzstan and get an incredible experience. Experienced climbers will be able to try themselves in the mountains and see the top of the peak. And guests of Kyrgyzstan will be able to explore beautiful landscapes and also learn information. Guests of the country during the tours have a chance to learn and explore that in the Soviet Union there was no opportunity to explore the highest heights. And the company's tourists will be able to rent a car and also explore the beautiful landscapes in Kyrgyzstan, and enjoy the charming views of nature and the territory.