Language in Kyrgyzstan

Isn't our tour with rent a car in Bishkek an advantageous offer where you can learn the language in close connection with the local population? In order to speak and understand the peculiarities of the Kyrgyz language, this will be an excellent means where you will travel around Kyrgyzstan in one go.

In our tour with rent a car in Bishkek, you will also be offered dictionaries in Kyrgyz and Russian. Nevertheless, during your travel to Kyrgyzstan, our English-speaking guides will help you. Tourists on rent a car in Bishkek tour are mainly interested in the history and roots of the local language.

On a travel to Kyrgyzstan, you will be told that the Kyrgyz language belongs to the family of Turkic languages. The Kyrgyz used Orhon-Yenisei as the first script. Then our people switched to using the Arabic alphabet. The Latin alphabet followed to replace the Arabic alphabet. After Latin, with the development of Soviet power in Kyrgyzstan, our people adapted the Kyrgyz language to the Cyrillic alphabet. The Cyrillic alphabet is used to this day with some changes, adding new sounds.

By travel around Kyrgyzstan, you will get maximum pleasure during the whole tour with rent a car in Bishkek. Speaking about the Kyrgyz language, it should be noted that it is an official language, divided into northern and southern dialects. Russian is no less popular after Kyrgyz language. Travelers of the country can practice both Kyrgyz and Russian with the locals, as they are very hospitable.