Landscape views of Kyrgyzstan

Here you are in Kyrgyzstan, the country of great opportunities as it is based in the mountain locality. Due to this fact the state is known to be the locked country, surrounded by the mountains and then by other countries. It is rather small country and due to it seems to be equal the size of Nebraska or England and Scotland combined.

On cars for rent guests can take the ride along Kyrgyzstan, with some of the tour programs based on the boarders with China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. This is going to be the investigation of the mountain country, with a great amount of lakes, rivers, gorges, streams.

We are going to have the trip at different heights, so that you are going to travel first at 1000m. At very heights there are glaciers, which never melt, but some of them are impossible to be reached actually. At the same time the state is known to be of steppes and deserts. Agriculture seems to take 6.3% of the land, forests 4.25%, lakes 4.4% and about 4% to glaciers.

In the course of the tour in the country guests have a chance to get in touch with the greenery, covering all of the mountain locations. As for the winds, they are not so popular in the center of the country, as mountains protect, but at heights they are blowing hard. Welcome to travel on cars rented and you are going to be the happiest holidaymaker. 

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