Kyrgyzstan in different seasons

When you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you need to rent a car and due to it guests will get acquainted with the seasons. It is known that the climate in Kyrgyzstan is continental. If you travel in winter, you have to be prepared for cold weather as heavy snow and avalanches and the conditions of cars for rent is the same great on lower prices. Spring is cool and warm; summer here is hot and sometimes very hot, depends on elevation. Autumn is rather warm in September and October. In the course of your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you have to be preparing warm clothes if you go to the mountains, because even in summer, mountains trips are rather cool. Actually, the climate in Kyrgyzstan is quite moderate and warm.  You will meet spring from March till May, summer from May till September, autumn from September till December sometimes as well as winter from December till February.

Winter in Kyrgyzstan is rather cold. The temperature is + 1 °C (34 °F). You will find the first snow in the middle of December and end in the second half of February. Before you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will be told that the coldest month of the year is January with temperature -10 °C). You have to be ready for heavy precipitation and prepare your winter clothes. Roads are going to be unavailable due to heavy snow. But Ski resort in Karakol is always available in your tour in Kyrgyzstan.  

Spring is a favorite month of travellers who plan to travel in Kyrgyzstan. You will find first warm days in May. Rains are typical in spring and they will start from in March and long till April. Still roads to the summer attractions are closed due to avalanches. The temperature is about + 16 °C (60 °F), it depends on altitude.  Spring is a blooming season, where you will see first snowdrops and flowers as well as awaken animals. It is the season of romance. We recommend you taking spring tour in Kyrgyzstan and enjoy fresh green season.

If you like hot weather, we recommend you to travel in Kyrgyzstan in summer! The temperature is rather high + 35 °C (95°F) and can reach up to 45° C (113° F). In the course of your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will notice that, being in mountains is much cooler and even cold. Summer is the best season, where you can try all attractions and boost your mood. All roads are open for its travellers. You will have opportunity to visit glaciers, mountain lakes, pastures and other interesting places. Our company organizes you available tours in Kyrgyzstan, where you will spend time with friendly Kyrgyz families and enjoy your summer in the cool dwellings - yurts. Don't miss to visit Issyk Kul lake when you travel in Kyrgyzstan. It is must have among travellers. Summer is a second for fun, horseback riding, trekking, hiking and swimming in small and big mountain lakes. We advise you to book tours in Kyrgyzstan in advance, otherwise accommodations are going to be reserved.

Autumn in Kyrgyzstan is very beautiful. You are going to see golden season in your tours in Kyrgyzstan. Fall is not hot like summer, but warm. In the course of your tours in Kyrgyzstan, you will visit mountains, they are special in autumn. Trees are covered in gold and flowers are preparing for winter. You will find red and yellow fields which give additional feelings of splendid nature. The temperature is rather warm in autumn is + 16 °C (60 °F), near to winter is + 3 °C (37.5 °F).

You are going to have amazing photoshoot beside colored season and make outstanding background. With our car rent company guests will be provided with all of the availabilities. You will find snow peaks, which looks especially in autumn. Unfortunately, roads are closed due to winter preparation, but still there are many interesting places in autumn.

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