Kyrgyz Uzgen complex

We are glad to announce that we invite you to travel to the Uzgen complex that is located on the river Kara-Darya, in the couth of the country. The very center is known to be created in 11-12th centuries and it is divided into Northern, Middle and Southern. The Northen part shows us the minaret, a sacred place. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you can notice the style of the epoch of Karakhanids. In the beginning of its existence it was 45m high, but then it turned out to become 27.5 m high. You have an unforgettable opportunity to travel in Kyrgyzstan and make a witness of those places that are like magnets for tourists.

During travelling in Kyrgyzstan cars for rent you can witness the building of the time when it was the center of the Karakhanid state. We are ready to organize a tour for you to pay great attention to the complex as it bears great historical meaning. We truly can say that visiting this complex you will find yourself in a religious place that bears unbelievable respect and faith. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan rented cars you will see the staircase of 53 steps built for mullah to get at the highest point of the complex and turn to people with his religious rites and words of pray.