Kyrgyz Territory

Kyrgyzstan is the country in Central Asia and we would like to give the general information for you about the territory of the country. During tours on the car for rent in Kyrgyzstan you are free to visit every region of our big country. You have an opportunity to travel in the whole Kyrgyzstan from every side of the world. For you to travel in Kyrgyzstan with pleasure you should know that the country has neighbors - east and southeast - China, from the north - Kazakhstan, west - Uzbekistan, and south - Tajikistan. In case you have decided to make a tour in Kyrgyzstan, you should know that it is the second smallest country in the entire Central Asia. The first smallest country in the entire Central Asia is Tajikistan. The territory of the country where it is possible to take car for rent Bishkek and travel in estimated to be 198,500 km2. We would like to make you sure that we are reliable and always are looking for opportunities of creating especially your tour in Kyrgyzstan. You can travel in the following regions of the country: