Kyrgyz Rafting

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan tourists often find streams and rivers of the country as great ones for starting rafting. We assure you that some of them are suitable but you are recommended not to start a tour without professionals. We are glad to make an outline about tours in Kyrgyzstan rented cars and places of the country where you can start to travel. Contact our managers for them to point out dangers of mountains of Kyrgyzstan along with stunning beauty.

When you are in a tour in Kyrgyzstan car for rent but do not have a special sort of preparation, don't do rafting as it may be dangerous for amateurs. This kind of activity shows up adrenaline, great emotions and unforgettable experience. We are glad if you turn to us for consultation. Travel in Kyrgyzstan with an aim to make a witness of all peculiar places and of making amazing photos against breath-taking views.