Kyrgyz Peak Pobeda

Kyrgyzstan is a country where a lot of high peaks may be found, and along with it we would like to present the peak Pobeda. It is 7439m high and may be visited only by high professionals in the course of their tour in Kyrgyzstan. During the times of the Soviet Union it was impossible to travel on cars rent in Kyrgyzstan and vault peaks. Now you have such an opportunity without prohibitions. For you to start to travel in Kyrgyzstan it is recommended to rent a car and get to know that the peak is located in the Issyk Kul region and borders China. From the Chinese side the name to it is Tomur Peak. As the history tells, it was named in honor of the victory.

The Russian explorer P. Semyenov travelled in Kyrgyzstan and mistook the peak Pobeda with the peak Khan Tengri. It means that during different periods of time both peaks had the same name. The peak is magnetic for all visitors who make a tour in Kyrgyzstan that is why they made trips there. Some of them were successful and some of them not. 1955 is the year of the team from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan making travel tour in Kyrgyzstan along the peak Pobeda. They failed to reach the peak but managed to vault 6000m. This mounting is known to be tragic one as 12 people survived.