Kyrgyz Manas complex

We are glad to represent you the Manas Complex located in 22km from Talas. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you have an opportunity to see the building made of burned bricks. You are advised to contact managers of the company for them to know the essence of a tour you are dreaming of. It is possible to come to us and listen to all peculiar features of the country travelling here. The building is created in the form of a dome with ornaments and lines in national styles are depicted. During tours on cars rent in Kyrgyzstan you will get various legends of places that you visit. This place is said to be created in 1334 to be the tomb of the daughter of Emir Abuk. The other information tells that the complex was originally created for the warrior Manas. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan rent a car you have an amazing chance to witness the history being in present. Travelling in the complex of Kyrgyzstan you will see the balbals making the serve to those who are in the tomb.