Kyrgyz Khan Tengri

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you have an outstanding opportunity to make a tour in the country and see the very peak Khan Tengri. In the course of travelling in Kyrgyzstan cars for rent you will see that the country has various neighbors. The peak is located right at the border with Kazakhstan. Being in the Issyk Kul region you can see this king-like mountain the name of which is translated as "Prince of Spirits" or "Ruler of the Sky".

In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you are free to make an unforgettable tour at the altitude of 7010 m. This altitude is said to be in accordance with new investigations. Long time ago it was said to be 6995m above sea level. P. Semyenov made tours in Kyrgyzstan and made a mistake in investigation of the peak. He mistook it with the peak Pobeda as he thought they were of the same pyramid form. That is why during different periods of time peaks had the same name Khan Tengri. But the local name to it is Kan Tau (Blood Mountain). Travelling in Kyrgyzstan car for rent in 1857 P. Semyenov noticed the incredible beauty of the peak.

There have been made attempts of vaulting the top of a mountain by different teams. So, in 1931 the Ukrainian team mounted the peak first. But during the Soviet period it was prohibited to make tours in Kyrgyzstan as it was and still it is dangerous high in mountains. Danger is seen in severe weather, high precipitations and extremely low temperatures. Up to 1989 it was not allowed to travel in Kyrgyzstan. Overseers were strongly prohibited to travel in mountains of Kyrgyzstan and locals had a possibility to get a certain allowance.

Being high in mountains it is possible to make incredible photos against breath-taking views and truly see the spirit of a mountain. During your tours in Kyrgyzstan you will be able to make a visit of the Enilchek Glacier and lake  Merzbacher that appears and disappears every August. During tours in Kyrgyzstan you will see the very Tien Shan mountains, rivers Karkara and Sary Zhaz on your way.