Kyrgyz Introduction

Dearest guests of the country, we would like to inform you about every detail of tours in Kyrgyzstan that you can take and are ready to make a short introduction of the country. The official name is the Kyrgyz Republic. For you it is a great opportunity if you start to travel in Kyrgyzstan and our company assures that everything will be on the highest level.

There are a lot of rent cars Bishkek tour programs for guests of the country to take. Starting to travel in Kyrgyzstan guests of the country generally have a desire to visit lake Issyk Kul, as it is the pearl of our mountain country. At the same time you can start to travel along the Son Kul lake of unforgettable beauty. Gorges and high altitude lakes, valleys and pastures with meadows - is the Kyrgyzstan we know.


You can travel in Kyrgyzstan cars rent and get to know the culture and history of the country. In the course of your tours in Kyrgyzstan you will be able to communicate with real nomads and live in dwellings of nomadic tribes - yurts. Moreover, our company has prepared a lot of surprises especially for you! We are glad to let you see horse games and show how to ride a horse. We are looking forward for you to be pleased with your tour in Kyrgyzstan as we try to make it unforgettable!