Kyrgyz Folklore show

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan pay great attention on folklore show as it is one of significant ways of life for the Kyrgyz people. It is well known that in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be told a lot of interesting legends and myths about the country and all historical places. Moreover we would like  to inform you that during tours in Kyrgyzstan you will be told great amount of poetry and proverbs, songs and sayings. As for the beginning of your tour in Kyrgyzstan we are glad to inform you about the legend of the emergence of the tribes of the past Kyrgyz people. It is known that there was a river where 40 girls were drinking. After that they got pregnant, and gave birth to 40 new tribes. We are glad to tell you more legends about the country, for that we offer you to travel in Kyrgyzstan rent cars.

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan it is possible to immerse in nature of cultural life with taking in consideration love to music. All was going from generation to generation and the people created songs and kuu. The latter is known to be the music of folk instruments: komuz, kyyak, chopo choor. Those who made an improvisation are called akyns. Now in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you have an opportunity to make a witness of the performance made by akyn or manaschi. The latter is known to be reported without accompaniment of musical instruments. The process of it may be watched during tours on cars for rent in Bishkek for 100$ (professional musicians) and when you travel in Kyrgyzstan and visit the village Kochkor for 50$ (local musicans).