Kyrgyz Alpinism

Mountains of Kyrgyzstan are the aim of all mountaineers to start alpinism. Our company specializes on organization of tours on cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan on the highest level as we are sure that our tourists must be happy. Long time ago it was prohibited to travel in mountains of Kyrgyzstan and start any tours. The reason to it is mostly unknown but we can suppose that the government was not able to offer protection from danger in mountains. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you can notice that weather circumstances are severely and there are more precipitations. We are ready to recommend you to find more information about Kyrgyzstan and undergo more preparations before starting to travel in the country. As we have already mentioned it was prohibited to visit mountains, but those who were extremely eager to make a tour in Kyrgyzstan rent cars in mountains managed to get allowance. But foreign citizens could get such an allowance. Now it is possible to make a tour in any part of Kyrgyzstan and your travel will be fulfilled with great emotions.

It is known that there were tragiс events in mountains due to deterioration of weather conditions. Those (600 mountaineers) who were able to vault all 7000m peaks were given the award of the Snow Leopard.