Jeti Oguz gorge

You can travel in Kyrgyzstan with pleasure by visiting amazing places of natural emergence - Jeti Oguz gorge (Seven Bulls). In the course of a tour on cars for rent in the Issyk Kul region you will be taken to the rocks that resemble bulls standing in a row. They are presented in 25km - or 15 miles of rocks standing close to each other. As the rock is red, you can start thinking that these are literally bulls looking at you. In the course of a tour you will find out that the gorge now is considered to be the Natural monument. In accordance with the legend, the rocks started to be red when the blood of a killed women of a khan was running on it. You can continue your travel in the place that is seen as a Broken Heart - it is also red, from the Broken heart of a women who died as she lost men she loved but couldn't make a choice.

In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan in 5 km from Jeti Oguz  you will see the Valley of the Flowers - or Dolina Svetov. There is an abundance of flowers that start to bloom in May up to the very summer.

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