For our beloved guests, our team is ready to organize tours with rent cars service in Kyrgyzstan, through which you can travel around the country and find out what dates on the calendar are marked as holidays. In Kyrgyzstan, like any other countries, holidays are celebrated for example January - New Year, January 7 - Orthodox Christmas, February 23 - Defenders of the Fatherland Day, March 8 - International Women's Day, March 21 - Nooruz National Day, April 7 - Day of the April Revolution, 1 May - Labor Day, May. 5 - Constitution Day May 9 - Victory Day, August 31 - Independence Day, November 7 - History and Memory Day, Orozo-Eid, Kurban-Eid. From this list of holidays, travelers can understand that some holidays in Kyrgyzstan are Muslim religious, the days of which are indicated according to the lunar calendar.

Since the time of your tour with cars for rent Bishkek service in Kyrgyzstan coincides with holidays, travelers can understand that these days are considered days off.

Traveling around Kyrgyzstan with rent cars service during the tour, tourists realize that in our country there are holidays of a different nature, such as international, national, and Soviet. For example, during the tour with cars for rent Bishkek service in Kyrgyzstan, tourists will find out that August 31 is the day of the celebration of Independence, March 21 is the traditional Muslim holiday of Nooruz, when local residents prepare a sumelek from wheat malt. According to the rules, most holidays in Kyrgyzstan occur by burning juniper.

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