Etymological sphere

It is common for travelers to rent a car in Bishkek and learn language with local citizens when they visit Kyrgyzstan. It is the main communication channel that helps to comprehend other people's ambitions. To learn a language, you have to know how people communicate first.

A list of the Kyrgyz and Russian terms is given by our company management. The guides also speak English fluently. They are keen to help and provide as much information as possible with every query. From the perspective of their linguistic family and history, participants on the tour can study the Kyrgyz language.

Basically, your tour and a car rent in Kyrgyzstan will be based on Turkish language studies. Orhon-Yenisey wrote the original script. Then individuals started talking in Arabic as a result of their affiliation with the Islamic faith. The Latin alphabet was the following topic. With the strengthening of the Soviet Union, individuals began to adapt their languages to the Cyrillic nature. In Kyrgyzstan today, it is still used for several other sounds.

Travel in Kyrgyzstan with ease knowing that our crew is always there to assist. Kyrgyz, a northern and southerner variety, is the official language. The second language spoken most often in the country is Russian. Tours with a car rent allow travelers to talk to local people who are usually kind and willing to support.


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