We present to your attention Arslanbob forest you must visit in your tour in Kyrgyzstan but first we recommend taking cars for rent. It is located in north of Jalal-Abad and will take almost 80 km to reach. When you travel in Kyrgyzstan you will see how big the Arslanbob forest, which longs 6,080 square kilometers. If you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will have opportunity to rent a car and taste best fruits and vegetables. They are organic and healthy. In the course of your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you are going to see trees with 1000 years old and 30 m high. They give more than 500 tons of walnuts in year. During your tours in Kyrgyzstan, you will be met by the Big and Small waterfalls of 80 m and 35 m height. In addition, your route of the car rent company will be made to the sacred Kel-Mazar and Mount Babash-Ata lakes which will not you leave indifferent in tour in Kyrgyzstan.