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Five such interesting countries as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan apparently end in "stan" and therefore these countries of Central Asia are also called 5 "stans". And today our team can provide a tour of any complexity with such a service as car for rent for any tourists wanting to travel around Central Asia. These countries were and remain neighbors and therefore the cultures of these people have similarities. Nevertheless, traveling through the countries of Central Asia, you can find their great originality.

The tour with rented car in Kyrgyzstan is usually suitable for those tourists who prefer to travel in the highlands. Traveling around Kyrgyzstan, you can by the way explore the famous Tien Shan mountain range. In addition to the mountains in Kyrgyzstan, during the tour, tourists see a large number of natural resources, mainly expressed by water resources in the form of glaciers and mountain rivers. When traveling with the car for rent service, tourists also enjoy the virgin nature of Kyrgyzstan, when one beautiful landscape is replaced by another one that is no less beautiful. Moreover, such a small state in Central Asia amazes the guests of the country with such beautiful mountain lakes as Issyk Kul, Son Kul, Chatyr Kul, Sary Chelek, Kel Su and others. In a word, Kyrgyzstan is a special territory where you can get to know even with nomads and just enjoy the hospitality of local residents.

Kazakhstan is another unbelievable Central Asian country whose territory is mainly occupied by spacious steppes. Traveling around Kazakhstan with rented car, tourists will have something to do because there are many beautiful places to visit. For example, it can be the Big Almaty Lake, the Medeo Skating Rink, the famous Almaty cableway, the Charyn Canyon that is compared to the Grand Canyon, and many other interesting places. The culture of the Kazakh people may remind you of the culture of the Kyrgyz, but nature will definitely show its uniqueness.

Tajikistan is another country from the list of 5 "stans". Those tourists, who are going to explore the mountains of Central Asia, since this is also a mountainous country, mainly go to this unbelievable country called Tajikistan. The location of the famous Pamir Mountain in this country is the reason for attracting such a crowd of tourists in the country. Traveling around Tajikistan, one thing becomes obvious and that is that the relief is a bit similar to the relief of Kyrgyzstan. However, the cultures of these countries are unique in their own way.

Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia that travelers should definitely pay attention to, namely, take the tour with car for rent service in such an incredible country filled with oriental flavor. When traveling around Uzbekistan, one of the important points that a tourist needs to do is taste the local cuisine, and especially a dish called pilaf. Many tourists find it amusing entertainment to visit local bazaars and this is right because there you can feel the oriental flavor. The tour with rented car in Uzbekistan will also allow tourists to explore historical cities and structures, as well as enjoy the hospitality of the Uzbek people.

Turkmenistan is a picturesque and ancient country of Central Asia, which is considered to be closed. Nevertheless, tourists do not have to worry about word "closed" because we provide the tour with car for rent service to this fabulous eastern country. A country as Turkmenistan surprises travelers from all over the world with such wonders as the Karakum Desert, the gas crater Darvaza, as well as the ruins of historical cities like Nisa and Merv. Traveling through this Central Asian country through rented car service, you can discover a lot.

In general, traveling around Central Asia is worth it because it is fabulous here, the oriental atmosphere, the incredible hospitality of the locals and of course many new discoveries.


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