Rent a car

Are you need rent a car? If you want to travel to Kyrgyzstan or other parts of Central Asia, make the way as enjoyable as destinations by using our car rent services. Like world-known car rent companies, we suggest ha big variety cars for rent on good deal. In our company, you can find different kind brands and models of cars, especially 4wd cars, which easily fits to any preference and financial capability of our guests. Car rent is a one of the cost-effective ways to explore the wild and diverse landscapes in remote areas as well as popular destinations of Kyrgyzstan.

Our office and cars for rent take place in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Nevertheless, we organize deliveries to Almaty city in Kazakhstan and Osh. You can also travel to Tajikistan with our cars for rent. In order to book the car we need a small prepayment to guarantee your reservation. Along with the car you rent, we will provide you with chairs, gas boiler, sleeping bags, tents and many others. After receiving your car for rent, you are able to start your journey immediately. We can also book any hotels or guesthouses along the country without any fees, to make your travelling comfortable and smooth. Our company of car rent call you t book via us and have adventurous holidays within beautiful Central Asian countries.